Our People

Our People

The most important intangible asset of AUTOKINITISTIKI is the manpower. Since the beginning, its operation was based on an interaction of professionalism, mutual trust and mutual support between the employees and the company.

We are proud of the fact that we have people working with us for many years, who share the same values. The support of many of them in our difficult times over our many years of operation is remarkable.

Our focus is to create an environment of stability and professional development by integrating employees into our organizational culture and philosophy.

Professionalism & teamwork

Our corporate philosophy is driven by a customer-oriented concept that sets increasingly higher progress and development goals, since we are operating in a competitive and challenging environment. Achieving these goals depends directly on professionalism, cooperation and teamwork, which are the main pillars of our organizational culture.

That is why here in AUTOKINITISTIKI we are operating as a “FAMILY".

Education & development

The technological development of the heavy-duty vehicle industry and the development at service level, make it necessary both to provide training and to enrich and update knowledge.  That is why we are ensuring that the necessary training is provided, based on the currently new data, so that our workforce is able to meet the requirements of everyday life and we can contribute to the career of any professional.

Work with us

The transport industry and particularly the heavy-duty vehicle industry is highly demanding but offers many career opportunities. AUTOKINITISTIKI offers a stable environment of professional growth and equal opportunities, based on a value system.

Job application

We are always interested in including professionals in our team who are positive, enjoy teamwork and know how to set and achieve goals.
If you think you can constructively contribute and respond to the demanding environment of the industry, we will be happy to receive your resume.