Corporate Social Responsibility

The meaning of Corporate Social Responsibility is being implemented in practice since the start of our activities. It concerns the way we perceive “Entrepreneurship" and how we have chosen to operate within the Greek society. We have chosen to operate with respect to the society, with responsibility, sensitivity and ethics.

In our 95 years of existence, our 4 core pillars of Corporate Social Responsibility were and still are part of our everyday life.

  • Prosperity for all is our main concern. For almost a century now, we are operating in the Greek territory offering jobs, creating partnerships and relations of trust, and supporting the family as an institution. For us the concept of prosperity makes sense when all the parties concerned, such as our employees, customers, suppliers and all our partners, make progress.
  • The Transparent Relationships with all stakeholders, is the main pillar of our existence and our non-negotiable principle. Complete transparency in every aspect of our activities, as this is how we translate the concept of the entrepreneur – citizen.
  • Ethics and respect govern our relations with the society and the environment in which we exist. We have been operating and we still do, within a framework of respect to the human personality. At the same time, we have adopted production and operating practices that contribute to the protection of the environment based on scientific data.
  • Our Social Footprint regarding our relation to socially vulnerable groups or vulnerable people is part of our DNA. We stand on supporting discreetly the needs of our fellow human beings. We consider it our obligation and we stand on supporting the needs of our Nation and Homeland; so we did in the past and so we will continue doing in the future.

Finally, as we exist in an internationalized environment, we are taking care to integrate guidelines proposed by International Organizations, such as the United Nations Organization's 17 welfare objectives in terms of training and progress of our employees, production optimization and innovation.