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The Beginning

The Beginning

The first “Leaf Spring and Bending Spring Manufacturer” for vehicles is founded in Greece by Vasileios Vadokas. The company is a pioneer for its time, importing equipment and technical know-how from France.


Gaining recognition

Gaining recognition

For its products, the company is awarded the Grand Prize with a gold medal at the Thessaloniki International Fair.


Serving our Country

The factory supplies the Greek Army with spare parts for its vehicles, operating at a feverish pace despite the great adversities of the time.


After the war

Management of the factory, located on Alkamenous Street, passes to the sons of Vasileios Vadokas, Athanasios and Dimitrios.


The 2nd factory

The 2nd factory

The Vadokas brothers build a  new factory, which is state-of-the-art for its time, on Kavala Avenue (present day Athinon Avenue).


A landmark year

The company is renamed AUTOKINITISTIKI S.A. by Athanasios Vadokas, who now takes control of the business, marking a series of changes and growth. A 25,000 sq.m. area on Kifissos Avenue is obtained, where a new factory is built.


Construction of a building

“AUTOKINITISTIKI SA” becomes Α.Ε.V.Ε.X. A 7,000 sq.m. building housing offices and shops with a 14,000 sq.m. hangar is also constructed on Kifissos Avenue.


New Activities

The new facilities house the Intercity Bus Station – KTEL KIFISOS. On a trajectory of growth, the company expands its activities to the areas of real estate and food, undertaking the operation of all canteens and cafe-bars in the Station.



A new 10,000 sq.m. area is purchased and annexed to the existing one, where a new 17,000 sq.m. building is constructed housing offices, shops, underground areas, and parking spaces.


Meeting challenges

Production needs increase continuously. The factory relocates to a new building on Drakontos & Antigoni Streets, in order to ensure superior and faster production.


A new breath of life under new management:

A new breath of life under new management:

A new state-of-the-art Spring – Flexible Spring factory with a total surface area of 15,000 sq.m. is constructed in Thebes under the management of now the third generation, with Ms. Giolanda Vadoka as CEO and Ms. Diana Vadoka as Chairman of the Board .


Delving into the domain of spare parts

Delving into the domain of spare parts

Realizing the needs of the market in the domain of trucks and other heavy duty vehicles and responding to new technological developments, management starts trading in spare parts. Each year, the product range for spare parts is enriched.


A difficult time

As a result of an accident, a fire breaks out in the factory in Thebes, but fortunately there are no casualties. However, the building itself and 3/4 of the raw materials and finished goods are destroyed. During this difficult period, the work force supports the company. With own funds, management begins reconstruction, while at the same time the needs of customers are fully met.


The end of a difficult period

Reconstruction of the factory is completed, and a difficult period draws to a close, during which management and the workforce made tremendous efforts. Production now continues with new modern equipment that meets the technological challenges.




AUTOKINITISTIKI continues steadily as a family, basing itself on the values inherited by all those who have supported it since 1926, while management has been passed to the fourth generation.
On the one hand, it offers its main product, namely spring leafs for trucks and other heavy-duty vehicles, and a variety of spare parts on the other, while enriching and renewing the product line according to the needs of the market. In addition, it is the exclusive representative of the Swedish company VEIDEC, offering a range of high quality maintenance products which are user and environmentally friendly. In parallel, it continues its activities in the areas of food and real estate.