Who we are

Who we are

AUTOKINITISTIKI is a Greek company, which started its operations in 1926 and has since continued uninterruptedly to operate in Greece.

Initially, it manufactured bending springs and heavy-duty leaf spring assemblies, introducing state-of-the-art know-how and equipment from France. The production and marketing of leaf spring assemblies for trucks and other heavy-duty vehicles has been the main focus of its business until today. In this 95-year journey, innovation, improvement and development have been our main concern, in order to keep pace with the industry’s technological development and to fully meet the needs of our customers.

Realizing the growing needs of professionals, we are enriching our product range and today we are offering over 10,000 spare part codes, which are either manufactured in our proprietary factory in Theva, or are imported from reliable internationally renown suppliers with whom we have established fruitful partnerships. Quality and know-how are fully combined with high-standard fast service, including the provision of specialized technical information, the provision of personalized customized solutions and the provision of after-sales services .

But we mainly take pride of our long-standing, stable partnerships with customers and partners, and the mutual trust relationships created between us. It is a great satisfaction and a very important incentive for us the fact that all these years we have been progressing and developing together, supporting each other.

In addition to the heavy-duty spare parts industry, the business activities of AUTOKINITISTIKI have also expanded to other sectors, such as Real Estate and food activities, thus increasing its potential, the number of jobs offered and, in general, the support to the Greek economy and society.

However, as it grows and evolves, AUTOKINITISTIKI is always committed to the values it began with: dignity and industriousness, non-negotiable quality and service, honesty and respect, support to Homeland and above all humanity.

CEO message
Success depends on quality in principles and values, relationships, services and products. Quality establishes you, lasts in time regardless of challenges and difficulties.