“96 years,
not a single day of absence!"

Success depends on quality in principles and values, relationships, services and products. Quality establishes you, lasts in time regardless of challenges and difficulties.

A journey of almost one century in the Greek society and economy, and in particular in the field of spare parts for commercial trucks and heavy duty vehicles.
Almost one century of setting quality and customer service as our top priority.
All these years we did not miss a single day!
We're still right beside you!

High - Standard Products
Our 95-year experience in production and our close collaboration with scientific bodies allows us to set the most stringent criteria and offer you high-standard products.
Customized Proposals
Based on our expertise and the ability to produce leaf spring assemblies, we can offer the right personalized solutions to our customers, in both technical and financial terms.
Fast Service
Our well-trained and friendly personnel serves you immediately, proposing the right product. By maintaining the appropriate inventory and with an improved distribution system, our support is fast and constant both before and after the sale.
We Stand By Your Side
Through a continuous, open communication channel we support our customers and partners, listening to their needs and addressing the constant challenges they face. In a few words, we “join hands”.
With eyes on the future, monitoring technological developments and constantly updating our services, we want to be the point of reference when it comes to our partners’ selection.
To meet in the most reliable way the specific needs of the professionals in the heavy-duty industry. To offer high-standard technical parts and services, respecting our long-standing partnerships and the legacy of the name “AUTOKINITISTIKI”.
As a Greek company, we exist and operate with a sense of responsibility, supporting the Greek Economy, Society and Family. Our belief, which governs our entire operation, is that growth and prosperity are achieved with the parallel prosperity and progress of our customers, employees and partners, just as in a family. For us it is a way of life to always be present when the occasion calls for it!