Parabolic leaf spring

Parabolic leaf spring

This is the development of the simple leaf spring assembly. The manufacturers' goal for lighter vehicles with smoother suspension has led to the manufacture of the parabolic leaf spring assemblies. Today, it is the basic choice in most trucks and light commercial vehicles. They are regularly updated with new models

Their parabolic form – shape gives them a powerful grip with fewer leaves and less weight than the simple leaf spring assembly.

This is a progressive suspension. In terms of shape, their thickness gets thinner from center to edge. Therefore, in light loads the leaf spring assembly is elastic, while when the payload mass increases, it gets harder.

This design allows each leaf to behave as an independent leaf spring assembly, and as a result the multi-leaf parabolic spring offers better shock absorption.

These products are available both as complete leaf spring assemblies and as individual leaves.
A new category, the leaf spring assembly booster kit, has been added to cover the growing needs of vehicles at higher loads.

By monitoring the market development, we are constantly updating our codes and increasing our stocks, which by our choice come from many suppliers. This gives us the flexibility and pleasure to serve every need of our customers for all brands of vehicles.